HAUT-ELITE Ambassador: Buffi Jashanmal

Profession: FlyBarre Babe by day, master of the pulsing Pole-dancer in spare time! I take pole, pole in heels and dancing in heels classes at AIM academy. Recently taken up aerial arts, including silks, hoops and acro-yog 

In three words to describe yourself: Colorful. Loud. Bend

Describe your personal style: Cheeky. Playful. Eccentric.

One of your proudest accomplishments:  Being a contestant on Project Runway.. closely followed by my new found love & immediate bond with The Pole.

Favorite workouts: FlyBarre OBV! I am a 150% barre babe at heart!… and again, close runner up Pole Dancing. But I love anything performance, dance, skill related.  Nothing more fun then being active, learning something new and being social all at the same time.

 What keeps you motivated? Looking good in my Hautletic gear! Honestly, when what you are wearing is this sexy, you wanna be working out all the time.

Who are your role models? 

Fitness philosophy?  “Just do it” – No one has said it better then Nike, but “looking Hautletic is just as motivating

Favourite cheat meal:  Ice cream. My fav. Food in the whole world I think.

What is your guilty pleasure? Mad Men......The Show

Coffee or Tea: Coffee...come on...I'm a New Yorker. Double Expresso. Always.

What’s on your workout playlist: Work Bitch, Britney

What does Hautletic mean to you: Sexy, stylist, strong.