HAUT-ELITE Ambassador: Jes Body

Profession: Personal trainer, dancer, model healthy lifestlye motivator



Three words to describe yourself: Driven, adventurous, entertaining

Describe your personal style: I love bold cuts, classic lines, quality material and tailoring. Timeless with an edge.

One of your proudest accomplishments: Winning Fitness Universe Bikini in Paris

Favorite workouts: Metabolic conditioning, hiking, dancing and gymnastics.

What keeps you motivated? The want to be strong, able, fit and healthy every day.

Who are your role models? Any entrepreneur who has the steel to go out and rock their passion gets a massive win from me.

Fitness philosophy? Just go!

Favourite cheat meal: Wine and chocolate!

What is your guilty pleasure? No guilt. If I want it I have it.

Coffee or Tea: Coffeeee

What’s on your workout playlist: Robot heart! Love love love. Constantly updated and continuous

What does Hautletic mean to you: Hautletic to me means combining style and functionality. Clothing that looks and FEELS amazing whilst working out and event when your're not!