HAUT-ELITE Ambassador: Dr. Shefali Verma-Johnson

Profession:  Doctor of Integrated Medicine at the Institue of Biophysical Medicine, Specialising in the treatment and management of a variety of chronic conditions such as food intolerances and allergies, prevention of disease and weight management.  

In three words to describe yourself: Sensitive, competitive, ethical

Describe your personal style:  Casual chic (live in trackies but try and pair it with something more feminine and chic to avoid looking like a bum)

One of your proudest accomplishments:  Surviving the first year of being a mum of twin girls (or more like them surviving their first year with me for a mum...)

Favorite workouts:  Strong man circuits or good quality basketball (Before i dislocated my shoulder)

 What keeps you motivated?  Staying young and healthy for my children and setting a good example for my patient

Who are your role models? My mum ( both professionally and as a mother)

Fitness philosophy? To be consistent and to know your goal

Favourite cheat meal: Popcorn popcorn......did I mention popcorn?

What is your guilty pleasure? Sweet potato fries

Coffee or Tea: Coffee for sure!

What’s on your workout playlist: I don't really listen to music while I train

What does Hautletic mean to you: Its me - casual, chic, feminine, strong and relaxed......Hautletic can be anything you want it to be!!