HAUT-ELITE Ambassador: Dr. Tamara Ghazi

Profession: Chiropractor; Medical Director of Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (D.I.S.C.)

Tamara (1).jpg

In three words to describe yourself: Ambitious, adventurist, a healer

Describe your personal style: Sporty glamorous. I love pairing workout clothes with heels, designer bags, and so much make-up! Nothing like spandex and leggings to make a girl feel her hard work has paid off! Long-gone are the days where active-wear consists of baggy tops and sweat-pants! My philosophy: when I look great, I feel great and I perform so much better! 

One of your proudest accomplishments:  Opening my clinic, an alternative sports medicine facility in Dubai. Completing a half iron-man, ultramarathon, and a few marathons. 

Favorite workouts:  Crossfit, olympic lifting, trail running.

 What keeps you motivated? My friends and family, I surround myself with inspiring people who never doubt me and puch me to become better, stronger, fitter, happier, and healthier person everyday.

Who are your role models? My mother, she is the most giving, loving and self-less person ever.

Fitness philosophy? Take up a new sport every year. If you don't enjoy it, move on. Consistency, never go more than 2 days without breaking a sweat! If you don't use it you will loose it! 

Favourite cheat meal: Where do I begin? Burgers and loads of truffle FRIES!

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate, I stash it everywhere and find life so dull without it. Do handbags count? 

Coffee or Tea: COFFE! Tall, black, hazelnut....all day, every day. 

What’s on your workout playlist: House music and R&B, depending on whether I'm sprinting or squatting. 

What does Hautletic mean to you: Hautletic is me :) A woman's outward appearance is an expression of herself and Hautletic is a way I love to express my super active yet super glamours lifestyle. I refuse to spend hours trying to look comfortable yet attractive and having gorgrous active wear in wardrobe allows me to be versatile in any environment. I can go from the gym to the market, to a meeting, to a dinner without having to change an outfit and still reflect on how I want to feel with the slightest change in shoes and accessories! In this say and age where times is so precious what more can a girl ask for?!